Per my earlier thoughts about the possibility of private posts, I have decided to enable user registration. If I have never met you in person nor conversed with you past midnight, do not bother registering, unless you are really famous or something.

There are perhaps 50 people or so whom I would accept user registration from without a second thought, excluding famous people.[1] I assume more than 40 of them either do not know of the existence of this site and/or do not suspect that they are in this 50. If 8 or so people register, that is about 6 people too many to know deep secrets, but about the right number for a good conspiracy.

[1] Although I would probably still question famous people. Even if Cory Doctorow signed up with an email address from, I would still not believe it was him rather than some sadistic prankster. There are a lot of sickos out there, you see.