Despite the fact I have work at 9 tomorrow, I have so far been unable to go to sleep. I was able to doze off for maybe half an hour around 1am when there was a lull in the partygoers congregating outside my window, but was woken up again by loud voices. There is still a party going on somewhere in Dunster, but it is slightly quieter, as they have turned the music down significantly and the group of ten or so underclassmen milling about in the courtyard (both unsure of the party's location and of whether it would be worth the trip) have disappeared. Theoretically, I could sleep now,[1] but I no longer feel like it.

Coming back to school, several people mentioned that they liked the website, which only made me feel more guilty about not posting anything recently. I have been busy enough with work and unpacking and other things that I have not have the time to read more than a small subsection of the news each day. This means I am unable to write the incisive tech essays that you guys are not reading anyway, because you think the Personal section is more interesting.

To tell the truth, I do not understand this at all. Personal blogs (of the LiveJournal variety) are uninteresting unless you know the writer and/or they have something insightful to say. If I am only fulfilling the first condition,[2] then this site does not really have a reason to exist in its present form. I could easily make the entire thing password-protected, or circulate it through email, or use some other means of dissemination that would prevent the unwashed hordes from reading about what I did or did not eat for breakfast. Such a restricted journal would be far more detailed, I imagine.

As for the second condition, I am not so vain as to think that there is something about my life so compelling that random strangers would wish to read about it. I am not famous, so I would find it difficult to gain pleasure about writing about a niche topic like my breakfast habits, which it is unlikely that anybody will find useful. My life does not include large amounts of sex and/or violence, so it is doubtful that anyone looking for a cheap thrill will find one on these pages.

Since I have already noted it is unlikely that I will have the time to post 1000 word pieces every week, much less every day, does this mean changes will happen to the website's format? Will it become more restricted, incorporating something like the ViewLevel plugin? Will I finally stop insulting Apple?

I am not sure.[3] Comments (as always) are appreciated.

[1] The party's noise level is still high enough at this time that I can identify all of the songs being played, but I think I am tired enough that it might not matter. It will have ended by the time you read this.

[2] I imagine such a journal might tell you, mighty reader, of all the boys I hate, all the girls I hate, all the words I hate, all the clothes I hate, and how I'll never be anything I hate, or somesuch.

[3] About the restriction stuff, not Apple. I mean, the Nano is cool and all, but it is still restrictive. And do not even get me started about the fact that the ROKR only has storage for 100 songs.