Duplicate items in Gregarius.
The problem with duplicate items showing up in Gregarius, which was troubling me earlier last month has started again. As I mentioned on the Gregarius developers' mailing list, the problem is ridiculously hard to debug, since it occurs in a seemingly random fashion, and is only happening to me.

Part of me thinks that this is one of the worst possible times for this to happen. Since I should be packing right now (or more accurately, re-packing, since everything is already in boxes - it is just not sorted into things I want to take back to school and those that will moulder here until next June), I do not really have time to mess with the Gregarius code to see if I can find the actual cause of the problem. Even if I did have about 6 hours to spare, I think it is exceedingly likely that I would find that there is no problem in Gregarius, but that my mySQL server is at fault.

Another part of me thinks this is one of the best things that could happen. Since this problem changes my use of Gregarius from a thoroughly enjoyable experience to one that is filled with annoyances (my inner perfectionist insists that I must manually remove all duplicate items from my Gregarius database[1]), this means that I will pack instead of using Gregarius. This is a resolution that my inner Luddite-hermit rejoices at, because packing means I will spend more time communing with my self instead of following your stories of the trips you are taking to concerts, Broadway musicals, Taiwan, and gas stations with ridiculously good tire pumps.

Update: I forgot to mention that the first time the problem occurred, it stopped when I emptied my MagpieRSS cache. The second time, it disappeared after I thought I stopped MagpieRSS from caching pages (which is bad because it wastes bandwidth, so you should not do it), but later realized that I had simply moved the caching location. I am not sure whether this means the problem is with MagpieRSS, though, since it does not seem to be fixed when I empty the MagpieRSS cache by removing all of the items in it.

[1]It occurs to me that I could write a plugin that provides a link at the bottom of each item to delete it. It also occurs to me that if "being productive" means packing, and not working on Gregarius, this is a Bad Thing.