SleepTune 0.2
Per Mr. Malik's request, SleepTune now provides the option to "wake up" iTunes after a specified period of time. You can download SleepTune 0.2 (along with source code). Please note that like SleepTune 0.1, it is licensed under the GPL. There may be errors in the code, since sleeping is something that I have not been doing a lot of lately.[1] And before you ask, yes, I appreciate the irony.

[1]In the last 24 hours, I have slept less than an hour in the car (backseat of course) and dozed off a couple of times in front of the computer. I probably would have crashed sometime earlier this evening, were it not for the fact that my bed and the entire floor of my bedroom is covered in dirty laundry - virtually all of the clothes I own, besides the ones that I am currently wearing - that needs to be washed and packed in anticipation for my return to Cambridge later this week.