It occurs to me that I promised to release a transcription of the lyrics for Tarkio's song "Eva Luna" back in January and again in April. Despite a small but steady stream of people visiting in hope of finding such lyrics, nobody had the guts to call me out on this oversight. As I noted back in April, the lyrics are still rough (read: there are some lines which I am not sure of), so if you notice errors (of which there are many), just add a comment complaining. Since I do not want to be constantly updating this post, I have put the lyrics in a text file (yay for plaintext!):

Tarkio - Eva Luna

Never heard the song and want to know what all the fuss is about? For a limited time (less than a week), Eva Luna is available here.

I suspect that the title of the song comes from a novel of the same name by Isabel Allende; although having not read it, I cannot point to any similarity in themes or events. Any insight on this matter would be appreciated.