Closeup of Peacekeeper re-entry
I was reading about MIRVs on Wikipedia when I ran across this photograph of the re-entry vehicles (this article's accompanying image is a detail from the picture) from a test of a Peacekeeper missile, also known as the MX. During its development in the 1980s, it was suggested that the deterrent effect of the missiles be increased by making them mobile. The first I can recall hearing about them (since I was not really paying attention to international affairs yet) was in an essay in an old edition of the Bedford Reader, an English textbook written by X.J. Kennedy and his wife. The essayist humorously suggested that while the MX missile was mobile, the two authorities with the power to fire them, the Pentagon and Congress, were stationary. To rectify this oversight, he decided that multiple copies of both the Pentagon and Congress should be created, put on wheels, and constantly kept moving around the country. Unfortunately, I can neither remember the title of the essay nor find any references to it on the Internet.

Luckily, I still have the beautiful picture to console myself with. The licensing terms[1] were leinent enough for me to share them with you as wallpaper (which will not be covered by the same Creative Commons license as the majority of the rest of the content on this website; the images are also public domain - do with them as you wish). Since I always get annoyed when I hear about free wallpaper on the Internet and then find that it is not in my resolution, I tried to make the widest variety available. If your computer uses a different resolution than provided and you want me to make an image for you, just leave a comment or something.

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If there is interest, I will post more wallpapers. Wikimedia's Featured Pictures section is a gold mine of wondrous pictures. I especially like this photograph of beeches in the Black Forest, this one of the last Emir of Bukhara, and this photo of the Belgian Castle Arenberg.

[1]My tax dollars at work.