Google Talk (source: Google)
As expected, Google introduced their new IM service today, Google Talk. Interestingly enough, I wrote about speculation that Google would utilise the open-source Jabber IM protocol to create their own IM network exactly a year ago today. Unfortunately, I find myself a bit underwhelmed by it. While I like their commitment to keeping the network open to other clients[1], using Google Talk is going to be difficult, as none of my friends use it[2], and I cannot use Google Talk to talk to them. The ability for Jabber to use gateways to connect to other IM networks would be useful, although I suspect that the other IM networks would not like this.

[1]One could argue that this commitment is primarily due to the fact that unlike AOL or MSN, Google Talk does not have a captive user base who will use their IM network because it came with their Internet access or operating system.

[2]I know the network has only been officially running for about half an hour, but I do not think this problem is a case of early adoption. The majority of my friends are American, so like most Americans, they use AIM. The two people I know who use MSN are both Canadian. I know one person who uses Yahoo!.