Some weeks ago, a entity going by the alias "righthand" posted a comment asking several questions about Blackspot Sneakers. That comment appears below, unedited:

how are these sneakers now do they hold up well is the quality good craftsman ship was it a good purchase. how is the stock or share older thign going is it insignificant does it have any weight or value, how do you respond to your entire purchasingexperiecne would you advise another person aside fromt he obvious social positivity to undertake the same action

Three days ago, I attempted to answer the comment, composing a long but thorough email answering all of righthand's questions. Unfortunately, that email was returned to me with the message:
550 <[redacted]>... User unknown
Undeterred, I decided the best course of action was to post it here. My response to righthand, and anyone else considering purchasing Blackspot sneakers, follows:

Dear righthand,

I am sorry I did not get back to you earlier. I was initially planning to write a post addressing your concerns and summing up my Blackspot sneaker experience, but never got around to it. I am sending this to you by email because it is likely that you have assumed I was not going to reply.

Anyway, your questions.

My Blackspot Sneakers are currently in the shoebox they came in, on the top shelf of my closet. The quality/craftsmanship of the shoes seemed fine; other than the rivets coming off, the shoes are okay.

The "stock" in the Blackspot Corporation that ownership of a pair of sneakers confers is real; I get emails asking me to vote on various topics about once a month. The latest newsletter, describing the second shareholder vote, noted:

The votes are in, and many of you will probably be surprised. Around 60% of the registered shareholders took part, which translates to about 10% of the total number of people who have ever bought Blackspot shoes.

Blackspot Sneaker v2
The most recent emails have been talking about the "Blackspot Sneaker v2." It is important to remember that the "original" Blackspot sneaker is not a real sneaker at all. It is a canvas shoe, like those that Converse sells. As a result, it is ill-suited to some activities, including, but not limited to, walking long distances, running, rock climbing, etc.

The v2, by contrast, is not a canvas shoe. It is a boot. I cannot attest to its durability or utility, because I have not purchased one. While my current sneakers are quite literally falling apart, I want to replace them with proper sneakers, not boots. Even if I was in the market for boots, I think I would choose ones that were less expensive than the v2, which costs more than $100, if you include shipping.