In general, I like receiving comments, even the ones that do not praise me. They help me out when I am confused, and point me toward related information. What I do not like, however, is when commenters attempt to manipulate the assumed anonymity of commenting online to deceive both me and you, my readers.

Early this morning, a comment was posted on my entry about a spam e-mail message I received promoting a book called Beverly Hills Youth. Since an entry saying, "Look at this spam message I received," is not very interesting, I did some research on the book and the people behind it, which included a Kansas City resident named Christopher Kehoe. Since the comment was not particularly interesting (the commenter seemed more concerned about defending Kehoe's choice of music than responding to the accusations of spamming) and I was feeling tired, I decided to leave it in the moderation queue. I felt somewhat guilty about doing this, but I was a bit suspicious about the comment, especially as I had been thinking about the Daily Jolt earlier in the day, and the comment's IP address showed it came from Kansas City.

Today, when I ran across the comment again, I decided to be slightly paranoid and look at my access logs before approving the comment. I was not particularly surprised when I saw that the commenter's IP address first came to the site doing a Google search for "christopher kehoe." I actually laughed when I saw that they had done searches on this site for both "kehoe" and "jesus." These searches suggest that the commenter is associated with Kehoe.

I am not sure whether the commenter simply does not understand the concept of spam or deliberately chose to ignore the reason behind my writing. For example, they wrote:

You have used the opinions of others who have commented on the book to suggest that Back 2 Life is expecting to be the next Oscar nominee, give me a break, You decieve yourself.

The first line in the spam message promoting the book is "AMAZING TRUE STORY! A MUST READ! THE NEXT OSCAR WINNING MOVIE!" The only person the commenter is deceiving is themselves.

Frankly, I do not care about Kehoe, his biography, or his attempts at creating a Christian nightclub in Kansas City. I do care about spam email. If you are malicious enough to allow spam to be used to promote your products and enterprises, however, you will not get any sympathy from me.