This is Martey Dodoo speaking: This is Martey Dodoo is now

Why now? What was wrong with the old title?

Nothing was wrong with it, per se (although my inner minimalist did think the "This is" was a bit superfluous). It's been a bit over six months since the last title change, and to tell the truth, I was getting a little tired of it.

I was initially going to change the title to simply "Martey Dodoo," but decided against it. My friends already call the site "" in order to distinguish it from the non-electronic Martey Dodoo, so it also makes sense for me to do the same.

Does this mean we should check back in January 2006 for another title change?

No, this is permanent. I want to apply for an ISSN, and the Library of Congress does not make title changes as simple as writing a new entry.

If your Weblog changes name, you must reapply for a different ISSN.

Does this mean I have to access the site through instead of

No, silly! URLs are case-insensitive.