It was still sunny outside when I started hearing the thunder. I could tell that the rain was coming, and that my Internet connection was going to disappear soon. Instead of spending the time reading the pages I quickly downloaded before the interference of falling raindrops wreaked havoc with my connection, I decided to take some pictures.

Rain falling from leaky gutters.When it rains, water falls down the roof, into the leaky gutter, and then splatters against my window. If you click on the larger image linked through the thumbnail at the left, you will also catch a glimpse at the tree that I suspect is having a serious dampening effect on my wireless reception. Were it ever to fall toward the house while I were in bed, it would probably mean my death, Donnie Darko style.

A white hook suspended from a white ceiling.
I assume that the previous inhabitants of this house used the hook for hanging something, although I am not sure what. Since it currently hangs over my desk, it would be the perfect place to put a Damocles sword. As it stands, it would be an interesting conversation piece - if I were in the practice of inviting people to my room.

Girl: What's that hook for?
Me (nonchalantly): Oh, hanging things. You know how it is.

Some strange 6-outlet thing.Another strange thing about this new house is the amount of electrical outlets on all of the walls. While the previous houses I have lived in would have at most one set of outlets per wall (leading to 6-8 outlets per room), the standard is this house is closer to two outlets per wall. My room has 8 outlets, not counting the strange mini-surge protector device you can see on the left. My little sister's room has 14 outlets. I am pretty sure that the basement has upwards of 20, but I do not really feel like counting all of them.