I do not like dogs. When I was little, this was because I was afraid of being bitten. The thought of sharp canine teeth plunging through my delicate skin still makes me feel uncomfortable. This translates into increased jumpiness when I am around them, as I attempt to mentally prepare for an attack. While I have thought about kicking dogs if they were about to bite me, stabbing them seems a bit over the top:

Baran told police he had stabbed the pit bull because it frightened him. He had been looking for his cat, he said, when the dog ''sniped" at him. He said he went back into his house, took a butcher knife from the kitchen, and went back out and stabbed the dog.

Even more ridiculous was Baran's callous behavior after fatally wounding the dog:
As Robinson ran to the dog on her lawn, Baran walked over from his apartment about 100 feet away and watched the dog die, Robinson said, speculating about what had caused his injuries.

''He kept saying, 'Oh, an animal could have done that,' " Robinson said.

An animal ... named Mark Baran.