A cool thing about WordPress is that each category (you can see a list of them on the main page, in the sidebar at the right) has its own RSS feed, accessible by adding "/rss/" to its URL (For RSS 2.0 feeds, add "/rss2/". For Atom feeds, add "/atom/".). So if you were only interested in what I write about Harvard, you could subscribe to http://www.marteydodoo.com/category/harvard/rss/. Since "Music" is a subcategory of "Culture," the Music RSS feed would be located at http://www.marteydodoo.com/category/culture/music/rss/. However, there were previously problems with the "RSS" subcategory, since it was located at the same location as the Technology feed. As you can see, I have changed its permalink, so it is now located at the somewhat ugly URL of http://www.marteydodoo.com/category/technology/rss_stuff/.