I was reading earlier in the week about PledgeBank, a website where you can create pledges to do something, but are only required to complete your task if a certain number of other people also make that promise. As the site claims, you can "Tell the world 'I'll do it, but only if you'll help me do it.'" Many of the pledges are United Kingdom specific ("I pledge to contact my MP about...") and some specifically ask for citizens in British locales ("...but only if 3 other residents of Wot-upon-Puddle make the same promise."), I was excited to see a pledge about fair use:

"I will Join the fight to defend Fair Use Rights but only if 50 people world wide will too."

The pledge also links to www.fairuseday.com. Fair Use Day is July 11th, when you are encouraged to "celebrate Fair Use in any lawful way you wish." The website is fairly minimalist, but it does have several links to other resources on fair use.

I think I will do something about hyperlinks for Fair Use Day. What are you going to do?