I liked this quote from a Register article about how computer manufacturer Dell would have no problems shipping the x86 version of OS X:

It does seem to be the case that Mac OS X is winning grudging respect from the PC world, primarily because of its relative freedom from malware. That's not going to change when it arrives running on x86 processors, any more than the operating system somehow becoming more compatible with Windows. But it's interesting the way that some observers see that as being the case. In reality, the situation isn't going to change. Using an x86-based Mac is going to leave your information no more, or less compatible with the rest of the computing world than using a PowerPC-based Mac is. Moving data from Windows to Mac, or vice versa, isn't going to be any easier, or any harder.

I suspect this is just a ploy by Dell to get sweeter OEM deals from Microsoft, just like their suggestions last February that they might switch from Intel to AMD processors. The move was soon rejected, most likely due to overtures by Intel.