Nurdi Nukhazhiyev, a member of the Chechen government led by Alu Alkhanov, claims that human rights violations were committed by Russian soldiers during the two conflicts in the region:

Many of the accusations levelled against the Russian authorities by human rights groups - namely the deliberate targeting of civilians by the Russian military - have angered the Moscow authorities.

Mr Nukhazhiyev, however, says many of the accusations are true.

This is newsworthy because the Alkhanov government is relatively friendly with Russia, joining it in its fight against Chechen separatists. The BBC thinks that it is plausible that it just another case of pre-election shenanigans and not the sign of a shift in the government's position toward Russia.
Some Russian analysts have questioned the loyalty of the administration Moscow established in Chechnya, stressing that its members are seen as traitors by most ordinary Chechens.

They have warned that tensions are likely to grow ahead of parliamentary elections due in the region in the coming months, and that the administration could resort to anti-Russian outbursts to bolster its own shaky position.