It would be difficult for me to judge what conditions are like on the ground in Iraq (receiving all my news for various large media outlets), but based on its Internet topography, Iraq is not doing too well. While searching for the official government's website (since the CPA disbanded, they decided to stop updating their website; in bad form, they did not provide a forwarding link to the sovereign government's website, directing visitors instead to the American's embassy website), I had just about given up when I ran across this page at UrukLink (which I think is an Iraqi ISP owned by the government).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the best designed website (this is relative; for an example, consider the state of the Ministry of Transportation's two websites, one of which is defunct, while the other looks like it was made in 1998. This may be because MoFA is hosted at HostingUK instead of at UrukLink.

However, none of the Ministries seem to have significant web presence on Google. A search for iraqi ministry of foreign affairs turns up the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the first result. Even the more targeted search for iraq "ministry of foreign affairs" gives the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the top result, with its counterparts from Croatia, New Zealand, Russia, France, and Myanmar all appearing on the first page. I would hazard the guess that Google is having trouble indexing the Iraqi MoFA's pages.