Recently, a couple of readers have commented to me that they are unhappy with this blog's content. Unfortunately, the current mix of tech, politics, and random articles I think are funny just is not enough for them. Here are a couple of the complaints I have heard:

Why do you like North Korea?

I have looked through the archives in order to try and find one post that could possibly convey this, but was unable to find anything.

I read your blog to get personal insights about you, but it does not have anything interesting. What's up with that?

I firmly believe in the importance of having a journal where one can offload and analyse one's personal thoughts. I do not believe it is necessary (or even beneficial) to make it publicly accessible. Most of what I write in my personal journal (which predates this blog by more than two years) is intensely private. To put it, or even a heavily censored version of it, on the web would embarrass me (even if it was obsfucated enough that you would not have any idea what I was talking about, the mere thought that someone might figure it out somehow would keep me awake at night).

If the Personal section is too oblique or boring, I am relatively less reticent about thoughtful conversations through other mediums (email, IM, face-to-face conversations).

I want more content, especially more pictures.

I do not want this to become one of those "I dropped my iPod; now there is an unsightly scratch on its screen" blogs where each entry is completely self-contained but contains no relevance to anything or anyone else. I do not expect every entry here to be interesting to everyone, but I like to think the mix of entries is acceptable.