Last night, I decided to switch all of my RSS feed bookmarks over to Live Bookmarks. I was then dismayed to find that clicking the "Check Feeds" button in Sage did not update my Live Bookmarks.

So dismayed that I began to look for another RSS reader. I had a few simple requirements:

  1. open source

  2. works on Windows XP

  3. uses the Gecko rendering engine, instead of Trident

I was unable to find one that fit all three requirements. I did find both open source RSS readers that run on Windows XP, and open source RSS readers that use Gecko. If you know of an application that has my rigorous feature set, feel free to let me know in a comment.

Realizing that I was going to have to stick with Sage, I wondered if anyone had filed a bug documenting the problem. I found Bug #8058 was an extremely accurate description of the problem. Its reporter:

Martey Dodoo

After I found that ajbanck's attachment worked to fix the problem (why weren't his fixes included in Sage 1.3.1?), I thought about blogging about it. Thinking I might have mentioned Sage or the problem in passing before, I decided to do a search.

When I found "Live Bookmarks in Sage 1.3," I almost gave up.