Renzomatic's comment reminded me that I had not read KCNA in a while. Recalling that creating a RSS feed for Haaretz increased the frequency with which I read the publication, I decided to do the same with KCNA. A quick search found a Bloglines feed that has not been updated in almost a month, and at least one person who wanted a KCNA RSS feed but could not find one, so I am fairly certain that I am covering relatively fresh ground here.

There are two feeds, one for KCNA's English articles and one for the Spanish items that they post daily. I would have also made a feed for their Korean site, but it looked difficult (not because of the site's coding, but because I cannot even view the Korean characters as I have not installed East Asian language support). If there is any interest in a Korean feed, just make a comment below, and I will see what I can do.