For my birthday, I decided to buy a MP3 player. After much consideration (I considered Neuros' strange dual player combination, as well as the Rio Karma), I finally decided on an iPod. The fact that part of my digital music collection is in AAC format was the biggest draw. While I did have fifty of so files in Ogg Vorbis format, they were all from CDs I bought earlier this year, so I just re-ripped them (the only Ogg file I have left is Fenster's version of the Free Software Song, which seems somewhat poignant).

Since I only ordered it a couple of days, it will not arrive in time for my birthday (which starts in a couple of minutes). It has shipped, so I spend most of my spare minutes refreshing its FedEx tracking page. Since the last time I shipped something important (two suitcases containing almost all of my clothes) with FedEx, it got disappeared somewhere between Harrisburg and Boston (technically, only the suitcase containing my winter wardrobe got lost; the other with its clothes for warmer weather arrived on time), I am a bit antsy looking at the location information:
FedEx information for my iPod