On Pitchfork's home page, Ryan Schreiber notes that the Pitchfork website is undergoing a redesign, which will be completed next Monday.

I've been designing the site myself since starting it up in 1995, purely out of necessity. It's been functional, but otherwise not much to look at. This time, we've actually hired an honest-to-god design team: the outstandingly brilliant Chicago-based firm Someoddpilot. I almost can't even believe what they've done for us. Their reworking vastly increases the site's usability, allows us to expand our content, and looks so good I want to cry. I can't imagine being happier with the work they've done for us. (Thanks, Chris!)

This redesign (which hopefully, unlike Someoddpilot's website, will not use copious amounts of Flash) will probably break my Pitchfork RSS feeds. Of course, if Someoddpilot is truly "outstandingly brilliant," they could always create official RSS feeds, which would be amazing.

Update: Official Pitchfork Feeds