The biggest tech news this morning would have to be the news that Apple will announce a $499 iMac on January 11 (my birthday!) at MacWorld. This would put a Macintosh desktop in competition with the cheapest PCs sold by companies like Dell and HP. Since I have previously complained that Macs were too expensive, you might wonder if this event could cause me to change my mind and leave the dreary land of x86 (warning, embedded Quicktime) forever, becoming a devoted disciple of the Cult of Mac.

As you might have guessed from the snarky language in the paragraph above, such an event is unlikely. If I did happen to acquire this machine, I would probably use it as a secondary computer (based on Think Secret's descriptions of the new Mac's size, my Inspiron will probably be larger anyway). Even more blasphemous, I would probably kill OS X and install a PowerPC variant of Linux on it.