Offline icon for Wirehog
This is the fifth time that I have written about Wirehog on this blog. This is also the first time I have seen Wirehog in action (users of TheFacebook from Harvard and Stanford can download Build 650). Alas, I am not impressed.

To be blunt, the UI is horrible. The "little piggy" icons are wonderful (you can see the offline icon to the right), but the more substantive aspects are far less polished.There is nothing wrong with the web-based UI, but its implementation is flawed.

For example, sharing files. Wirehog attempts to find folders containing multimedia. To share folders, one must scroll through an incomplete, but very long list of various multimedia folders, selecting them as one goes. If you select too many, you will receive HTTP Error 414. There is also no way to stop sharing individual files, which means files must be segregated by their copyrighted status.

The only thing Wirehog has going for it is its integration with the insanely popular TheFacebook (which already displays photos from your Wirehog collection). Hopefully, newer builds will be easier to use, as it has great potential.

Darknets and other forms of "trusted" filesharing are almost certainly the future of P2P. Slashdot reported yesterday that had launched plans to create a filesharing plugin to Gaim. I can count the people I know who use Gaim on one hand, and the project has not released any code, so I am not excited.