Greetings [First_Name],

Thanks for being one of over 5000 youth and students to have signed the Declaration of Independence form Dirty Energy in just 15 days. In less than a month the signatures will be presented to our countries' leaders to tell them that our generation demands a shift to clean, renewable energy. To help put force behind the declaration Energy Action is asking all those who have signed on to back their words with action on Energy Independence Day, Oct. 19th.

I hope that when they presented the petition to the American and Canadian governments, the signatures were not all of the form "[First_Name] [Last_Name]."

Even better was the next email from Energy Action, sent by their "Website Geek:"

Greetings Martey,

Sorry for that last email, it was a computer glitch.

And I spent several hours thinking they thought my first name was "[First_Name]."