When I read The Crimson on Wednesday, I noticed that the rate of petty theft had increased on campus (although you would not know from the headline, "Violent Crime Eases"). Two laptops were stolen from Margaret's room this week. This is the first time that one of my friends has had something stolen. Sure, it was her old laptop and she did not really need it, but it's not still not cool.

Incidentally, I almost bought a security cable (a Targus one, based on Kensington patents; yes, I know) on Thursday, but decided that the amount of time that my laptop spent on my desk when I was out of my room was not worth the $30, especially since I consider it more likely to get stolen when it is outside of my room. My computer is probably the most important piece of property I own. I would rather lose one of my kidneys than my laptop.

What does this mean? Either I will give in and buy the stupid security cable, or I will put increased effort into self-destruction methods (which will be advertised, of course, as a deterrent).