The lack of new posts is a result of work that was supposed to be finished this week. About two weeks from now, I am supposed to do a presentation at school for my job. I was supposed to submit a draft this week, but it is still not finished. Since I had received a Word document template, I had intended to use OpenOffice for work on it, even compiling the latest Ximian version. Even though the build was "masked" in portage, marking it unstable, the changelog assured me that this was because KDE integration was broken. Since I use Gnome, this is not an issue. I started the build around 8 this morning, expecting it to take a couple of hours. Sometime around 1:30 or so, I realized that it was not going to finish anytime soon, and commandeered my sister's computer. I had just opened Microsoft Office when I walked back into my room to check on my computer, where I found that the compilation was finished. Excited (and slightly annoyed), I returned to my computer, where I began working. Just to ensure that everything was working properly, I decided to save and then reopen the document. Unfortunately, I found that a background graphic used in the template had disappeared. I do not expect this to be an issue when I write papers (since I do not use very many graphics), but it meant that this presentation would have to be done with Microsoft Office.

To add to the excitement, I misread the schedule and thought I had an hour for the presentation. Initially worried about filling the entire time, I realized that in order to make it comprehensive, I would have to add more information than I initially planned ("virus/spyware troubleshooting, diagnostics and cleanup" is not exactly a small topic). I was beginning to worry about going over an hour when I re-read the schedule and noticed I had an half hour. Wonderful. It would be different if I was just adding useful information, but I am being my usual concise self. I assume that I will either have to talk fast or gloss over the details, hoping everyone will read what I have written.