As I stated earlier, I planned to buy a Blackspot sneaker. Yesterday, around 8pm, I received an email telling me that "my sneaker" was able to be ordered. I assume the exhortation to "tell my friends" to buy the sneaker means that I can post about it. Read on to receive the "secret" URL when you can buy the sneaker yourself, or gawk at the pretty pictures of the shoe factory in Portugal.

Dear Blackspotter,

Finally -- the big moment has arrived -- it's time to place your official blackspot sneaker order. Please go to and do it now. You only have one week -- until September 2 -- to place your order. After that, the order form goes live on and will be open to all.

With this purchase you are also buying one share in The Blackspot Anticorporation. Inside the shoe box, when it arrives in 6 to 8 weeks, you will find a shareholder certificate with your unique shareholder number. You can then log onto and use this number as your password to vote on issues such as the design of future prototypes, what materials to use, where to make the sneakers, how to market them and how the profits will be used. You will be an empowered member in an exciting shareholder-driven enterprise that we hope will kick mega corporate ass and change the face of capitalism.

Our first shipment of 5000 Blackspots may sell out fast so go to and take the plunge immediately and tell your friends to do the same. This is the last step in getting the mighty unswoosher onto your feet -- your feet and those of a growing band of people around the world who are committed to taking on dysfunctional corporations like Nike and replacing them with ethical, grassroots alternatives.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Act now. Just Undo It.

The Blackspot Team