Earlier this morning, I realized that I was disappointed in the mileage that I was getting out of Linux. I decided that I had a number of options:

Despite the fact that running Windows would be simpler, I did not want to give up on Linux, especially if the alternative was returning to Windows, with its various problems. Nor did I wish to install Linux, as its configuration would take just as long as installing Windows. As a result, I began to consider switching to KDE. Since I did not want to spend several hours building KDE packages only to realize that I did not want it, I booted up Knoppix in order to see if KDE conformed to my positive memories. Alas, I had fooled myself! While KDE generally has better applications than Gnome, Gnome has a much better user interface. I am anxious for the next stable release, Gnome 2.8, to come out.