A young Rivers Cuomo
Stereogum posts a link to a Rolling Stone article on the possible return of the lead singer of the band Weezer, Rivers Cuomo, to Harvard this fall. You can read Cuomo's readmission essay on myspace.com:

After the initial failure of my band?s second album, Pinkerton, I decided not to return to school in the fall of 1997, instead setting out on a mission to develop creative methods which would allow me to be more consistent as an artist. Above all, I wanted to cure myself of the Romanticism which I believed was to blame for my failure.

I adamantly maintain that Pinkerton was Weezer's last great album, the commercial successes of The Green Album and Maladroit aside. Those albums were fine, but not anything to write home about. The group plans to release a fifth album around the end of this year, which is being produced by the eminent Rick Rubin.
Speaking of Jay-Z, I happened upon a link to "Jay-Zeezer: The Black & Blue Album" on weezer.com. As a person who thought the music of The Gray Album was cool until I started listening to The Black Album (upon which DJ Danger Mouse's tracks sounded like the washed out remixes that they were), I do not hold out much hope. However, Mike, the man behind Jay-Zeezer does have impressive indie listening credentials, so it is possible that it is good. The ZIP file of the album seems to be corrupted, so I report on it later.

UPDATE: "Jay-Zeezer" is okay, but not amazing.