introduces a new "feature" on the campaign blog - Barbara and Jenna's Journal!

Hi there. As you probably know we have decided to start campaigning for our Dad. As we travel across America, we'll keep you updated on our trips through the blog. Last week was our first trip alone on the campaign trail, with stops in Missouri, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. We met many great people as we stopped in local campaign offices and W Stands for Women events.

It was incredible to see so many people excited about reelecting our Dad. Throughout the next few months we'll be traveling alone and with our parents, giving you more details of life on the campaign trail.

While reading this utterly contentless passage, I could not help but notice the use of "our Dad" as opposed to the more common form of "our dad." I decided to take a look at their chat transcript from earlier this month. "Dad" appears thirteen times; "dad" only seven. "Dad" seems to be the preferred version, as it is used in the transcript's header and elsewhere on the site. Even when the twins speak separately, "our Dad" seems to be preferred to "my Dad," as it appears almost as often.