Ralph Nader (source: votenader.org)Pandagon reports on Nader's attempts to get press credentials for the ongoing Democratic Convention:

It's quintessential Nader, though - a totally unreasonable demand premised on a horrible argument which, when gone unmet, will totally confirm every unreasonable thing he already thinks. He knew when the convention was. He knew the process to apply for credentials. He's applying at about the 14th hour, which is about three metaphorical hours too late to even be considered too late.

I know it is not going to happen, but it would be interesting to see what would happen if Nader was given credentials (I am sure that the Democratic leadership could make an exception; after all, this is Ralph Nader, who stands up for democracy and the American people every day!). He might heckle one of the speakers and get ripped apart by the delegates. He could be cornered by Atrios and end up a broken man, renouncing his candidacy and moving to the Ozarks. Or he might panhandle, as he did when he recently spoke at Harvard:
After Nader finished answering questions, a Nader spokesperson attempted to raise money from the crowd for the campaign?which he claims does not accept any corporate donations.

?I'm looking for a $1,000 hero,? the spokesperson said.

No such ?hero? stepped forward, although two individuals came forward to donate $500 each. The Nader campaign representatives passed buckets around the crowd looking for additional donations, and autographed copies of Nader's book, Crashing the Party, were available for $75 each at the end of the question and answer session.