John Kerry, windsurfer (source: Boston Globe)
From W's campaign blog comes a link to's latest poll: which presidental candidate is the bigger athlete and sports fan?

I would assume that several avid readers of have already voted on the poll, resulting in a sample with skewed political leanings. The title of the post is "Who's the Bigger Sports Fan?," which is only one of the two questions that Sports Illustrated asks. Incidentally, it is also the question which Bush leads the most, at 80% to Kerry's 20%. Asking whether Bush is a better athlete than Kerry led to a more balanced response, with Bush maintaining only a 16 point lead over Kerry. I wonder if the recent news stories about Kerry windsurfing off of Nantucket had any effect. I also wonder if disappointment over the results of the standard political polls has led the blogging team at to find new, more Bush-friendly polls.