Tim LaHaye wrote a letter in response to Nicholas Kristof's column condemning the last book in LaHaye's "Left Behind" series, Glorious Appearing.

Comparing my book "Glorious Appearing" to "fundamentalist Islamic tracts" is a real stretch. The Islamic radicals who bomb the innocent are not nice people!

No, Islamic radicals are not nice people. Kristof was noting that Glorious Appearing was intolerant of faiths other than Christianity, which is similar to the intolerance found in many fundamentalist Islamic tracts.
Should Christ overlook their rebellion and welcome them into his kingdom? They would ruin it for everyone. You don't choose to live around people like that today; would you want to spend eternity with them?

By claiming that "Islamic radicals'" greatest crime in the eyes of Jesus is "rebellion," LaHaye shows his true colors. Apparently, bombing the innocent in the name of Jesus will still let you enter the Pearly Gates, but believe in Allah and be prepared for brimstone. Also, if it will truly be "Christ's kingdom," I do not think it will be the province of the residents to complain that the inclusions of others with different beliefs are "ruining it."