"Walt" on Redstate.org writes about a letter that MoveOn.org sent to its supporters, asking for help in their anti-Fox campaign. Walt takes issue with MoveOn's wish that people "push" Congressmen to speak out against Fox.

It sounds like intimidation to me.

That's funny. Where I come from, they call it lobbying.

You see, Walt, our Congressmen are public figures. They are elected by people in the states they represent. As a result, they must listen (or pretend to listen) to those people who come to them with grievances. Asking legislators to investigate whether an organizations is commiting deceptive practices is part of this. This is what we Blue State people call "democracy."

Movie theater owners, on the other hand, are private businessmen. They are also distributors of free speech, in the form of films. Trying to prevent a film from being shown because of the political ideas contained therein is a restriction of free speech and undemocratic. It is especially heinous since movies, unless television news programs, are not supposed to be unbiased. Fahrenheit 9/11 does not claim to be a "fair and balanced" look at the Bush Administration since fall 2001; even more importantly, the American people do not expect it to be.