I was reading today's music news over at Pitchfork (regrettably, they never answered my query about RSS; I might want to look into doing a screen-scrape, as the only other RSS feed I could find seems to be broken, despite being active not two months ago). The top story is about the Decemberists' heading back to the studio to record a new album. Heading over to the official website in order to see if they was more information, I noticed their News section had been redesigned ... in a familiar fashion. It took me a few moments to realize that I was looking a Wordpress blog, but once I did, I could gape over the beautiful but simplistic design, the RSS 2.0 feed, and the unpublished-yet-autodiscovered-by-the-livemark-feature-in-my-Mozilla-Firefox-nightly-build feeds: RSS 0.92 and Atom.

Alas, they do not have trackback. I must email them about this oversight.