Corrente is one of my favorite political blogs. Not just because it hails from Philadelphia, but because they have incisive commentary. In their recent post on Minnesota Republicans being asked to provide political data on their neighbors, I am afraid that they have been fooled. They quote Larry Colson, Bush's e-campaign chair in Minnesota, calling the Democrats "cowards:"

[Minnesota Republicans realize] that with Minnesota now "in play", the Cowards will be forced to spend time and money in a state that they formerly took for granted. ...

Larry Colson
Minnesota eCampaign Chair

However, the source for this quote is not the official Bush-Cheney campaign website, but, the "Official Solidification Site for President George W. Bush." As far as I can tell, this site mirrors the official one, but makes small changes (like replacing all mentions of "Democrats" with "cowards."

Doing a Whois reveals this information:
owner-address: Support and Commitment, Inc.
owner-address: 55 W. Maiden St.
owner-address: 10027
owner-address: New York
owner-address: New York
owner-address: United States of America

In contrast, here is the information for
Bush-Cheney '04, Inc. (35436379O)
P.O. Box 10648
Arlington, VA 22210
Phone: 703-647-2700