Atrios points out this zinger from Bad Attitudes:

After Reagan's death, the cable channels insisted on reliving the right wing's fantasy version of the 80s. Now that Clinton's book has been released, we are now forced to relive the right wing's fantasy version of the 90s.

I can assume this is the run-up to November, when they hope to show up the right wing's fantasy version of 2000 - Bush legitimately winning an election.

Think back to 2000. Many pundits expected that Bush, realizing that the country was almost evenly split between the two parties would fulfill his claims to be "an uniter, not a divider" and construct some sort of bipartisan government by appointing at least one prominent Democrat to a major cabinet post. He did not, choosing men and women like Rumsfeld, Rice, and Ashcroft. In doing so, he let the American people down, and started on a four-year journey of incompetence that the United States could ill afford.