North Korea zone reports on a new official website for North Korea. Located at, Naenara-DPRK looks a lot "slicker" than the other site (2000 called. They want their non-standards based Dreamweaver 4 website back). The new site looks more like a web portal than the source of North Korean propanganda. However, once you actually try to use the site, you will find that you need to login to actually see most of the content.

The link to create a new account is difficult to find, as it is called "Login," instead of "Register" or "Create new account," which would be more intuitive. The registration page (which is actually called "Register") asks for a surfeit of information, including nationality/citizenship. I also liked the password reminder questions, which include "How would Korea change after reunification?" and "What will you do when Korea is reunified?"

After you login, the website does have a large amount of content and multimedia related to North Korea. There is a suggestion on the main page that "Korean Central TV" will be broadcast starting on December 1. For now, you can read The Pyonyang Times, Korea Today (which, despite its daily-like name, comes out every month), Korea (which has an interesting article on triplet university students), and the venerable KCNA.