This post on the official Bush campaign blog claims that Kerry has the lowest percentage of positive supporters in recent history.

Furthermore, the poll confirms something we've suspected for a long time, while President Bush's grassroots overwhelmingly supports him because of his leadership and positive agenda, an unusually low number of Kerry supporters are inspired anything having to do with the candidate's agenda or leadership qualities. For Kerry supporters, it's mostly about anger.

Anger? Calmly reading the actual poll suggests a different answer:

Those who have an unfavorable opinion of Bush cite his positions on issues, with a third citing the war in Iraq as what they dislike most. Beyond Iraq, Bush is faulted for his handling of the economy, foreign policy, jobs, oil prices, and taxes.

Of the minority who cite Bush's personal character as what they dislike most, references are to his personality in general â?? many offering "arrogance" as his greatest fault â?? or his perceived dishonesty.

By comparison, very few point to policy issues in describing what they dislike most about John Kerry. Instead, the focus is on his personal character, particularly his perceived inconsistency.

Who, I ask, is more angry and irrational?