Kevin Drum reports on a new development in the electronic theft of Democratic Senate memos (which I reported on earlier here); the aide accused of the crime, Manuel Miranda, has been appointed the head of the Coalition for a Fair Judiciary's Ethics in Nominations Project. Yes, that's right, ethics.

The Coalition's "Factual Response to the Pickle Report" (the Pickle Report was the result of the Senate investigation into Miranda's alleged wrongdoing; the "Factual Response" is a letter from Adam Carter, Miranda's lawyer) is also interesting. From page 2:

We ask you to give no credence to suggestions of false statements made in the Pickle report. We do so because the report and its methods are seriously flawed and there was no application of tools such as cross-examination, refreshing of recollection, or the disinfectant sunshine [emphasis mine] that a stenographer would have brought to the quality of the investigators [sic] questioning and judgment.

Forget whitewashing; this is just plain bleaching.

In other news, is available from a domain reseller.