Just fifteen minutes after I posted about The Conqueror, a film starring John Wayne as Temujin, later known as Genghis Khan, the movie started on AMC. It was a decent 1950s adventure film, by which I mean to say that I found its "suckiness" relative. A 15-second Emergency Alert System test interrupted the final battle scene, but I felt that I did not miss much, as it consisted of various men falling off of horses, regardless of not they were actually hit by a sword or spear.

While it was not lacking in plot, I felt that not enough happened in the movie to justify its two-hour length. Sure, by the end of the film Temujin has won Bortai and avenged his father, but what about the more important conquest of Cathay, which is mentioned only in the narration at the very end? The fact that the entire cast was exposed to deadly radiation from nearby nuclear tests at Yucca Flats just intensifies my feelings of there being something lacking.