Apparently frivolous lawsuits are not just a feature in America. Guo Yong, a Chinese Bentley owner, is suing the Beijing branch of the popular automobile company after his car went out of control while he was driving it in March 2003. Although nobody was injured, he complains that nobody at the company was willing to help him. Beijing Bentley claims that they cannot find his request for repairs, and that he has continued driving the car. Guo claims that he stopped driving the car after the incident. In my mind, however, is Guo's attempt at settlement:

He said Tuesday he was willing to take 2 million yuan (US$240,000) in compensation but keep the car.

If Guo has continued to drive his Bentley, I think it is obvious that he is simply looking for some cash. Otherwise, it is possible that his car has a problem that needs to be repaired, but his attempt at settlement is poor. Since nobody was injured when he lost control of his Bentley, his sole priority should not be getting compensation, but in repairing his broken Bentley.