After reading endless assertions by Scoble on the benefits of ClearType, I finally got around to looking at the ClearType website to find out how to enable it on my machine. It's pretty simple, you just go to the activation page with Internet Explorer, go through a couple of pages of configuration, and ClearType is enabled.

I did not really notice the difference until I went to breakfast and then came back to my computer. Then, it suddenly hit me that everything looked so much nicer. I can actually tell the difference between fonts now; Verdana actually looks like Verdana, as opposed to a generic, slightly rounded non-monospaced font. Scoble's blog (or at least the Google cache pages, since it seems to be down at the moment) does not look very nice in Times New Roman, so I made Firefox's default serif font Georgia. Much better!

UPDATE: Scoble's actual website looks fine in Times New Roman. Fallibility of the Google cache, I guess.