Battlefield: Vietnam, that is. Wagner James Au plays the game as LtJohn Kerry, leading to some interesting interaction between him and the players.

In another skirmish, the Americans are being vastly outnumbered and outplayed; their strategies have failed. LtJohn Kerry advises his teammates to surrender, asking, "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?"

I am not sure about Au's assertion that the video game could cause some votes to swing to Kerry. While it is true that America's Army (which, incidentally, I am downloading now) has had a positive effect on views of the military, the connection (people in the Army do the same things that you do in this game!) is a lot stronger than Kerry's relationship to Battlefield: Vietnam (Nobody seemed to care when Au's LtJohn Kerry claimed "I fought in Nam!"). The connection would be a lot stronger if someone would create a John Kerry mod.