From Pathetic Earthlings comes an SFGate article entitled, "California lawmakers propose lowering voting age to 14 for state elections." Unfortunately, those are not full votes. 16 year olds would get half of a vote, and 14 year olds could get a quarter.

Despite the ridiculousness of this idea, the concept of lowering the voting age is a good one, in my opinion. I also fail to understand the rationale of the Republican Assemblyman:

Said Assemblyman Ray Haynes: "There's a reason why 14-year-olds and 16-year-olds don't vote. They are not adults. They are not mature enough. They are easily deceived by political charlatans."

Yeah, right. I well remember my eighteenth birthday. Along with greetings from the few friends that remembered and a half-melted ice cream chocolate cake (To paraphrase Indiana Jones: "Cake. I hate cake."), I found a new sense of maturity. This enabled me to get over and forget about those people who forgot my birthday and the sucky cake - oh, wait...