From the AP: Ohio Salad Arrives With Piece of a Thumb

Employees at the restaurant about 70 miles south of Cleveland searched for the tip of his finger, but could not find it. The area was cleaned and sanitized, but the lettuce was placed in the cooler. The lettuce was then used for salads the next day.

This is like part of the plot in a bad horror movie about a satanic restaurant where they feed you human flesh without telling you. It could be called "Blood Red Robin" or somesuch. I think this quote from the CEO of Red Robin sums it up nicely:
The core values of Red Robin are: honor, integrity, continually seeking knowledge and having fun. Our Team Members are encouraged to provide ?unbridled? guest service while living our core values. So, not only do we have the best burgers, we have the best Team Members, taking care of the coolest guests.

A Red Robin Restaurant

Unbridled Red Robin Team Member: Will you eat me?

Customer backs away slowly...