As much as I hated how my previous entry was co-opted by conservatives, this email was so strange and infuriating that I had to post about it.

Sometime last week or so, I received an email from "the General" himself, asking us to support the Democratic nominee (okay, the website says John Kerry, but the email has slightly different text) and ensuring us that "all communications about my future plans, fundraising, and any other official information will come directly from me" (this text was part of a postscript, also not posted on the website). Perhaps I was feeling a bit idealistic, but I assumed that any such fundraising would be on behalf of the Democratic candidate. Besides, the General was in charge of things now.

The email I received yesterday dispelled all of those hopes:

So that I may properly transfer the incredible support, energy and resources of my campaign to the eventual Democratic nominee, I need you, one of my most loyal and generous supporters, to help today. The costs of shutting down a national organization are costly. I can assure you that we have a strong team working on this matter quickly and cost effectively.
Your personal contribution of $50 or $100 right now will help us close the books on my campaign and will allow us to focus our complete attention and resources on the great challenge ahead.