When I first went to canvassing in New Hampshire for Clark, my email address made its way to the lists of various Clark-related groups. Not only did I receive emails from the national campaign (asking me to volunteer in Iowa and New Hampshire), but I only got mail from "New Hampshire for Clark" (talking about the necessity of volunteering in New Hampshire) and "Massachusetts for Clark" (asking me to volunteer in New Hampshire).

Now that his campaign is over, there have been a flurry of thank-you emails. Traffic-wise, it is not enough to bother me. But one email from Paul Johnson, the campaign manager, really annoyed me:

With a contribution of $100 today, we will add your name to a special plaque to be presented to General Clark, commemorating the American patriots like you who have fueled his campaign and will stand with him in the months and years ahead. Your name will appear alongside hundreds of others who have been integral to the success of our effort and pledge their ongoing support to Wes Clark.

Umm, the campaign is over (making the phrase "success of our effort" a bit strange). Clark and his campaign staff no longer need my donations. While I love Clark as much as the next man, that hundred dollars could be better spent on a contribution to the nominee's campaign, which is most certainly going to need it.