The good Commisar at the Politburo Diktat added me to the "Bloggers' Bestiary", described as "An Imaged Collection of Some of The Commissar's Favorite Blogs." I wonder if I can use this "Favorite of the Commissar" status to gain material goods, like cars, caviar, and women.

But the picture chosen to represent Xor is also interesting. It comes from the French version of a Japanese television show called "Space Sheriff Gavan," about a "Space Sheriff" who has come from "Bird Planet" in order to save Earth from an evil empire\space crime organization who wishes to destroy it by sending hokey monsters to destroy it. The strangest part of the show is the fact that Gavan's suit of armor is teleported onto him (whenever he shouts "Jouchaku!," which translates as "steamwear"), and "evaporates" when he is finished.

NOTE: I wrote a entry about this previously, but alas, Firefox crashed, and I had not saved!